UDT download

The Universal Data-translator Lite version is free of use and can be downloaded by filling out the form below. The Universal Data-translator comes with a few demo files that can be used to test the functionality of the program. To upgrade the UDT, please contact your nearest distributor for an Activation code.

E-mail address:
Current release:
Number of downloads: 3218

Activation key

Along with the UDT comes a free Full activation key, valid until the 14th of December 2014. When you have installed the UDT, start it and go to File -> License Upgrade. Enter the code below and click on Generate License to try out the Full version.

System requirements

The UDT is a lightweight program, so it runs with minimal performance required. However, the UDT is a Windows program and you will need Windows XP (SP1 at least), Vista or 7. For Windows XP, ActiveSync is required to enable you to copy files from a PDA.