SPAA05 RAMIS displays real time azimuth.

SPAA05-NEX overview

In our line of antenna alignment tools, we have developed the SPAA05 NEX. The NEX is a state of the art antenna alignment tool that can measure antenna heading with up to 0.5° accuracy.

Real-time antenna azimuth within minutes

The SPAA05 NEX has an on-board GPS computer, making the tool very compact and portable. The tool can measure a real-time heading of up to 0.5° rms, within two minutes after switching on the system. The software measures not only heading, but also position and combines this with hardware and software information.
SPAA05-NEX antenna alignment tool and azimuth pointing system.

Antenna alignment has never been easier

With it's on-board system, the SPAA05 NEX makes antenna optimizations simple and fast. To align any UMTS/GSM antenna, all you have to do is attach the tool to the antenna using our supplied clamp and switch on the system. Within minutes you'll see a real-time heading using our PDA software. You can then take a measurement using the software and adjust the antenna accordingly. Store this data sector by sector and in no time your antenna's will be aligned.

Accurate and secure

The software uses a 100-count measurement method, that makes sure you have your heading with up to 0.5° accuracy. Measurements are encrypted using our own encryption method. This makes sure that the resulting measurement files are authentic since they can only be read using our SPAA05 Universal Data-translator. This means they can not be altered, ensuring their authenticity.
SPAA05-NEX antenna alignment tool and azimuth pointing system in use.