Universal Data-Translator

The Universal Data-translator is developed alongside our measurement software RAMIS. The UDT, a desktop program, can read every measurement file made by any version of the PDA measurement software. The program can read, decrypt en export files to a printable format, as well as locate the sites and apply timezone and datum/grid conversions to it.

Software features

  • Can open every measurement file made with a SPAA05 tool.
  • Can read every measurement made from an online database.
  • Export to a printable report in Microsoft Word™.
  • Datum, grid and timezone conversions.
  • Interactive visualizations of measurement data, by means of a schematic top view and Google Maps overlay.
  • Simple and intuitive user-interface.
  • Multilingual export fields.

Free to try out

We have developed the Data-translator to start as a free-to-use Lite version. A Full version license is included with every purchase of a SPAA05 tool, but can also be purchased separately. The UDT can also be upgraded to a Pro version. Please contact your nearest distributor for UDT license information.

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Version differences

For a list of features available to each version, see the table below.
SPAA05 PDA file support
SPAA05 RAMIS file support
Text file support
Microsoft Word export
Google Maps locate
Timezone conversions
Datum/Grid conversions
Multilingual export fields
Google Earth KMZ export
Save as text