Spectators can now view the car positions live with the SPAA05 Race Position Display! Now you can see who is in front, even in long endurance races with 255 cars. The RPD system fits all the cars with large 30x21 cm displays with bright and fully coloured LED lights that show the race position of the car. In multi-class races the usage of different colours lets you quickly tell cars from different classes apart.
Our system works with the timekeeping system from to show accurate and official information to all viewers. Gone is the time where you had to resort to other media such as radio, or video screens to find out how your favourite car is doing. See it directly with SPAA05-RPD!
  • Compatible with MyLaps and ORBITS RMonitor
  • Real-time position in the race
  • Multiple colours to show different classes
  • Connected to official timekeeping
  • Ultra Bright LEDs
  • LEDs dimmable during nighttime
  • Easy to install

PHOTOS Circuit zolder Dutch supercar challenge 2012


With support for one car.