Race fanatics love the excitement and competition on the race circuit. With our new SPAA05-RCT race car telemetry system we take your racing experience to the next level. With the RCT, the racing experience will become like a video game for anyone at the race track. Let your audience and crew see where the car is driving in real time using the advanced RCT telemetry system.
A dashboard-like display will show you the car's speed, gear, throttle and brake position and much more. Enable a great new side to live racing by streaming your views through Wi-Fi, so that everyone at the track can join in on their smartphone or tablet.

  • Real-time GPS car position on track
  • GPS speed, lap- and sector times
  • Optional CAN-Bus information: throttle/breake position, RPM, gear, water/oil temperatures
  • Very easy and quick setup of the system
  • Transmitting range up to 5 km
  • 5 - 10 Hz GPS module for accurate positioning
  • Availble with licensed and un-licensed frequency bands

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With support for one car.