SPAA05-NANO overview

Our SPAA05-NANO is a small and innovative tool for measuring antenna azimuth, exclusive to the country of India. With almost a third of the length of the SPAA05-NEX, the tool is very easy to handle and sharply priced. The NANO has a 2.0° accuracy.
SPAA05-NANO antenna alignment tool and azimuth pointing system.

Real-time antenna azimuth within minutes

The SPAA05-NANO, like the NEX, has an onboard GPS system that can measure antenna bearing within a few minutes after switching on the sytem. The NANO has a handheld display instead of a PDA with software. This makes using the NANO easier than the NEX, but does not enable you to save measurements. Therefor, the NANO is ideal for first antenna installation, but also for quick azimuth checking.

Upgradable and customizable

The SPAA05-NANO can be upgraded and customized in our factory according to your needs. This includes replacing the battery system by a Li-ion battery pack and charger. The most notable addition to the NANO is the inclusion of an antenna tilt sensor (SPAA05-STS1). The addon tilt sensor communicates the tilt and slant of the antenna alongside the azimuth to the handheld display.
SPAA05-NANO antenna alignment tool and azimuth pointing system.