SPAA05 was invited by the organisers of the Supercar Challenge to test out the RCT-Race Position Display system during the Zolder Superprix. The Supercar Challenge is perfect for RPD system as they have 60 minute races with multiple classes and pit stops. All these aspects can make it difficult for the spectators to have an overview of the race proceedings: as the field can be scrambled during pit stops for example or if cars from slower classes are being overtaken. For this weekend SPAA05 fitted five cars in the fastest Super-GT division with the RPD system.

On Friday the displays were mounted on the cars, an operation that takes just as long as it is to put a sticker on a car. Several display positions were tested; on the side as with the #128 & # 117 Corvettes, but also on the roof of the #104 Viper or behind the window of the car in case of the # 173 Mosler. Setting up the rest of the RPD system took no more than half an hour per car, including mounting the display control unit and cabling. The car mechanics were usually very surprised with how easy the system was to install.

In first race on Saturday it the visibility of the numbers LEDs proved to be excellent, even though it was very sunny weather. Multiple settings were tested, including safety car, flashing, and everything was ok. Only the Ferrari display was turned off, which was a problem with the cars electronics as their data logger was not functional as well. During the race the a close battle for 5th place between the #104 Viper and the #117 Corvette C5R could be well followed with help of the RPD. The #173 Mosler had some technical difficulties during the first half of the race meaning that it was effectively last. The RPD system helped was of great value here to the audience by showing it was last in class even though it was driving between the number #3 and #4 at one point during the race itself.

In the second race on Sunday the weather was very cloudy and the displays seemed even brighter than during the first race. Here the remote brightness control allowed us to dim the LEDS to more comfortable levels, something which will also be very useful during longer endurance races where the cars race during the night. The displays proved to be again very valuable here, because of a long safety car period where had the number #1 and #2 cars were a lap ahead of the rest of the field.

At the end of the weekend there were a lot of positive reactions to our system, even though it was now limited to just 5 cars in a single division. The organisation was very content with the operation of the systems. Most importantly, the spectators really liked the displays!

For more information about the product click on the link below or watch the TV broadcast of the fifth race on SBS6.

UPDATE: thrilled to announce that it is currently working with the Supercar Challenge to provide all cars in the GT and Super-GT divisions with the RPD systems! We expect that the system will be implemented in the Supercar Challenge during the DTM in Zandvoort!