SPAA05-NEX 2 overview

We have developed the SPAA05 NEX2 as a revision of our old R1 and R2 models. That is, it has a stand-alone GPS computer, making the the tool lighter and easier to mount. Furthermore, it enables you to more quickly switch antennas in the same sector, since the computer can be kept on the ground. The SPAA05 NEX2, can measure antenna heading with up to 0.5 ° accuracy.

Key features

The SPAA05 NEX2 has a stand-alone GPS computer, that has a built in battery pack and LED indicators. The tool can measure a real-time heading of up to 0.5° rms, within two minutes after switching on the system. The software measures not only heading, but also position and combines this with hardware and software information.
SPAA05-NEX 2 with separate GPS system.

Maximum work efficiency

The SPAA05 NEX2 stand-alone GPS system is designed and built to maximize efficiency. To align any UMTS/GSM antenna, all you have to do is attach the tool to the antenna using our supplied clamp, connect it to the computer using a supplied cable and switch on the system. Within minutes you'll see a real-time heading using our PDA software. You can then take a measurement using the software and adjust the antenna accordingly. Store this data sector by sector and in no time your antennas will be aligned.

Accurate and secure

The software uses a 100-count measurement method, that makes sure you have your heading with up to 0.5° accuracy. Measurements are encrypted using our own encryption method. This makes sure that the resulting measurement files are authentic since they can only be read using our SPAA05 Universal Data-translator. This means they cannot be altered, which ensures their authenticity.