SPAA05-EHC overview

The SPAA05 EHC, the so called Engineering Model, is a tool that does not require any mounting. It has a handle grip attached, enabling you to hold and point the device to measure any direction. The GPS system is integrated. Furthermore, it has an addon-display attached that can give a real-time heading. The SPAA05 EHC can measure antenna heading with up to 2.0° accuracy.

Key features

The SPAA05 EHC is a complete handheld tool. It has an on board GPS system with addon display and a handle grip attached. The tool can measure a real-time heading of up to 2.0° rms, within two minutes after switching on the system. The software measures not only heading, but also position and combines this with hardware and software information.
Handheld antenna alignment tool with addon display.


The SPAA05 EHC is a tool that can be used in combination with a wide range of accessories. A tripod has specifically been designed for the EHC to stabilize the tool at a specific location without the need to hold and point it. Additionally, a gunscope and laserpointer can be attached. The Laser Support System also pairs up nicely with the EHC.

Accurate and secure

The software uses a 100-count measurement method, that makes sure you have your heading with up to 2.0° accuracy. Measurements are encrypted using our own encryption method. This makes sure that the resulting measurement files are authentic since they can only be read using our SPAA05 Universal Data-translator. This means they cannot be altered, which ensures their authenticity.