MTS overview

We have developed AISG compliant sensors, as retrofit devices for the AISG RET Antenna Control Unit. This includes our SPAA05 Mechanical Tilt Sensor - a standalone tilt sensor.
Mechanical Tilt Sensor can measure tilt and slant. AISG compliant retrofit device.

Key features

As mentioned, the MTS is a retrofit device which allows you to measure tilt and roll real-time, with an accuracy of up to 0.1°.

The MTS is using the AISG 2.0 standards interface as Virtual RET and is also compatible with the future extension specication A.A.S. and the future version 2.1 extention specication C.A.D.

Quick tilt/roll related adjustments

Field installation takes only a few minutes per antenna, configuration is automatically achieved by the AISG protocol. This means that the MTS is perfect when quick adjustments are needed.


The SPAA05 MTS is compatible with many control units as tested on Kathrein, RFS, Andrew, Gemintek, Amphenol Antel and Nokia node B.