APM overview

Antenna Power Meter enables you to monitor antenna ERP level and frequency. In our line of AISG compliant sensors, we have developed the SPAA05 Antenna Power Meter. The SPAA05-APM is a retrofit device that can measure the power output of multiple frequency bands of an antenna. The APM enables you to monitor the effective radiated power (ERP) level and the fequency at which your antennas are transmitting.

Key features

The APM can measure radio frequency (RF) energy levels transmitted by the antenna.
The APM is using the AISG 2.0 standards interface as Virtual RET and is also compatible with the future extension specication A.A.S. and the future version 2.1 extention specication C.A.D.


The SPAA05-APM is compatible with GSM, DCS, PCS, UMTS, WIMAX and LTE antennas and can measure 850, 960, 1880, 1900, 2100, 2500 MHz fequency bands.