AIM overview

Antenna Identity Module as an ID tag to an antenna. AISG compliant retrofit device. In our line of AISG compliant sensors, we have developed the SPAA05 Antenna Identity Module. The SPAA05-AIM is mounted on the back of the antenna and can be programmed to hold antenna-specific information.

Key features

The AIM is a retrofit device that is connected to the AISG connector of the RET activation motor. It is automatically detected by the the primary CCU or node B. The primary controller can read the AIM fields that identify the antenna.
The AIM is using the AISG 2.0 standards interface as Virtual RET and is also compatible with the future extension specication A.A.S. and the future version 2.1 extention specication C.A.D.

Remote identity check

The SPAA05-AIM allows you to check the identity and additional information of the antenna without a physical visit to the site. Furthermore, the information stays the same, even if the RET is upgraded or swapped.