SPAA05-STS1 overview

The SPAA05-STS1 strap-on Tilt Sensor, is a device that can be use with any mountable SPAA05 tool. The STS1 itself is strapped to the antenna together with the mounted tool. The device measurea the tilt and slant of the antenna and communicates this directly to the GPS system of the SPAA05 tool.

Key features

The Tilt Sensor has a strap which can be used to attach it to every common use antenna. The device can measure tilt and slant.
Strap-on tilt sensor to be used with for example the SPAA05-NEX.

RDS interaction

The PDA software enables you to make measurements with tilt and slant included using the STS1. The Remote Display System however, can also display the tilt real-time. The RDS enables you to switch the display between heading and tilt.