SPAA05-RDS overview

The SPAA05 Remote Display System, or RDS, is a device that can be used with the SPAA05 NEX or NEX2 as an addon system. The device can display heading real-time without the need to use the PDA software. Even though the RDS does not enable you to take measurements, it is ideal for quickly checking and monitoring the heading.

Key features

The RDS is an addon device. It has a LCD display with an on/off switch. Depending on the model, it features bluetooth and/or cable connection.

Three versions

The RDS comes in three versions, yet they all have the same functionality. The RDS 1 can only connect via cable to the SPAA05 tool. The RDS 2 has bluetooth built in to connect it with the tool, but lacks a cable connection and RDS 3 features both bluetooth and cable connection.